Celebrate the joys of 2012 + embrace the possibilities of 2013
Celebrate 2012’s blessings + lessons.

Embrace 2013’s possibilities.

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Celebrate 2012's awesomeness + lessonsWhen the end of the year rolls around, I prefer to focus on reflecting on the past year. It allows me to stay present and celebrate successes. It’s soooo easy to pin-point where you’ve gone wrong.

But what about where you’ve flourished (even after tough times)? Exactly!

That’s why I created the Celebrate 2012 Guide. It’s a short reflective playbook that helps you acknowledge your awesomeness + highlight the lessons of the past year.


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To your health,

Love & Light, Takeyah


Photo Credit: Elen Awalom


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Celebrate 2012’s Blessings + Embrace 2013’s Possibilities

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