…a 3-day clean eating + food transformation experience



Imagine what it would feel like to fuel your body with
healthy, nutrient-dense foods that provide nourishment for your body and mind.


EClean Eating Flash Salevery day, you would wake up energized, with a clear head ready to greet the day and keep your eyes open all day long.

You are developing a new relationship with food + your body is ever-so-grateful for this transformation.

You feel good when you go food shopping because the you are choosing the food instead of it choosing you.

Your family, friends, and co-workers keep asking you what you’re doing because IT is working!

You have found your rhythm… and you are FINALLY feeling like you have some control over what you’re eating.

Clean eating feels good. Your body feels good. Life feels good!





BUT, you haven’t figured out
HOW to make that vision a reality.


You know it’s possible to have a healthier relationship with food that empowers instead of devours you, but you’re not sure how to simplify the whole process.

You started to clean out your pantry but it got overwhelming because everything doesn’t seem to fit your clean eating list.

Maybe you bought some organic food and it sat in the fridge so long that it spoiled before you could look up that recipe. You might have even cooked something, but it didn’t taste so great, so it went in the trash.

You’ve read some newsletters, some blog posts, printed out some recipes, talked to your girlfriend about it, asked your doctor what she thought…but you’re still here feeling STUCK.


You’re soooo close…

You’re are right there. It may not even feel that way, but you are. You’ve been working at this for a while. And right now, you’re not looking for a cheerleader to make you feel better– you need some guidance and a plan. A step-by-step playbook that will tell you what to do and when to do it.

You’re nodding your head, so you must be in the right place at the right time.


Hello, my name is Takeyah, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.
My personal mission is to
help women move forward and take a personal approach to living.

To help the busy, creative soul tap into her healthiest, most vibrant self. To help the left-brained woman create a sense of equilibrium and attention toward a body + life that looks and feels genuinely well. By taking a personal approach to living my life, I’ve tapped into my core values, embraced adventure, amplified prosperity, and restored self-care. First and foremost though, I’ve honored my body.


Woman holding cooked vegetables Woman holding carrot juiceExercise is a health and wellness practice

The most incredible part? I’ve been able to maintain my plant-based menu (…for 15 years!) and make the healthiest choices for my body resulting in healthy weight management, clearer skin, great digestion, and amazing energy levels, all while traveling throughout the world, starting new + ending not-so-good relationships, going through life’s sinusoidal wave of emotions and moving to a new city. Yeah, a LOT…I know. I’m not saying it to brag. Just sharing to let you know what’s possible.

AND I know that there are others out there who want to be able to manage their menu, know what to eat, + take control of their health even with life’s constant changes and on-going curve balls.

That’s why I created a Clean Eating Experience!
This clean-eating + food transformation experience is meant to help you get a taste of what it’s like to make that shift from “struggling to figure out what to eat” to having control of your cravings, keeping your immune system working in your favor, getting your digestion going (faster! …or slower!), and developing a deeper connection with your body.
How does it work?
Could you take just 3 days to shift your life?
This clean eating experience is designed to happen {virtually} over 3 days…or however long you desire.
So, you have the option of starting on any day and at any time (“false” starts included).
As soon as you register, you will receive an e-mail message with your 3-day clean eating materials. This will give you time to look through the information, dive into the goodies. If you have any questions or concerns, they will be addressed the forum or via private e-mail.
Why only 3 days?
Well, how about 90-days? Seems a bit scary at first, right?! How about 3 days? See, that sounds better. That’s exactly why I am offering this opportunity to support you over 3 – 10 days. I wanted to keep things simple for you.
Of course, I’ve made this super EASY for you.
During your clean eating experience, you will eat delicious whole nourishing foods that will lighten your load and ease your digestion. No worries, no crazy concoctions or hard-to-swallow pills. This is an introductory experience designed to guide you along the way. You will be eating food strategically put together to help you achieve affirming results. At the end of the weekend, you would have had a chance to see what “clean eating” really looks and feels like.
Great client results

“Well, I not only completed the weekend but have been inspired to continue the project…It’s amazing how easy it turned out to be.  Although, it wasn’t the main goal, I actually lost 6 pounds! …turns out I was on the right track, apparently. I just wasn’t disciplined enough to USE everything regularly. Having the support and comments of the others on Facebook was a definite plus.  When you know you are not alone in your struggles it makes a difference …Gee..who knew that I would actually start paying attention to my body’s health at this point? Color me pleasantly surprised.”

-Donelle Sucarichi, Tampa, FL


The Clean Eating Experience includes…

  • Daily Love Notes from Me {$39 value} to help you stay on task and connected
  • 3-Day Clean Eating Experience Handbook (*.pdf) {$67 value}
  • Daily clean eating schedule {$57 value} with simple instructions
  • Suggested meal plans for each day {$125 value} — say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion about what to cook + eat
  • Shopping list {$47 value} to save you time + energy
  • Unlimited e-mail access to me for 10 days {$100 value}, your personal health coach + guide
  • BONUS: Detoxification + Cleansing 101 recording (*.mp3) {$57 value} on the need for clean eating and benefits of cleansing
  • BONUS: Wellness Action Plan {$17 value} to help you create a post-detox action plan for your health
  • BONUS: Private 15-minute post-Clean Eating Experience consultation {$67 value} to get guidance on how to transition your menu

I’m a numbers woman. You know I did all the math. Adding it all up was so much fun because I got to grin at how much value you’ll be receiving over 3 days. If you’ve read this far, it’s safe to say you’re interested. So here are the numbers:

Total Clean Eating Weekend Detox Value $1057+

Program Options:

This experience is a virtual journey that you can start when ever you’d like. Select your participation option below + your materials will be sent to you. This format allows you the convenience of starting today or next week.

Option I: Clean Eating Experience Handbook + Resources (listed above)  |  $47

Option II: Clean Eating Experience Handbook + Resources + Private Session   |  $157*

  • 10 days of mentorship + accountability from me, Takeyah
  • 10-day support window because sometimes it takes you a bit longer to get things going
  • PLUS >> 1-on-1 Strategy + Implementation Session with me as you begin to implement during or after the Clean Eating Experience. You also get all your burning questions answered. Your 30-minute session will be held via telephone or Skype.


When you register, you will receive an email with all materials and information you will need, including program manual, handouts, and shopping list.

*Payment plans available. By selecting a payment plan, you agree to submit the balance within 14 days.

I’m psyched. Do I start now or later?

You tell me. This experience has built-in flexibility. I believe in setting you up for success. If you consider yourSelf a healthy eater, you might have some things on place to start today. If this whole “clean eating” thing is a going to be a brand spankin’ new adventure, (congratulations!) give yourSelf a day or so to look over the materials and do some food shopping.

Either way, once you register, you’ll have time to let me know your start date so I can be there to support you along the way.


Sooo…where is this all happening?

The Clean Eating Experience can happen anywhere. From the comfort of your home or while you are traveling. It’s a virtual program, so all you need is access to a computer or smartphone to download (and save!) the program materials and participate in the forum (if you choose Option II).


“When I enrolled in the Clean Eating Experience, I was looking forward to learning a new way of eating. It had become normal for me to feel lethargic and sore after certain meals. As a result of the program, I became more aware of how my body reacts after I eat certain foods. I found it to be challenging, enlightening, + eye-opening. I even plan to continue eating at least one clean meal each day.”

– K. Chatmon, Washington, DC



Enrollment Options
Clean Eating Experience Guide + Resources


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Clean Eating Experience + Resources + Support

PLUS Strategy + Implementation Session

$157 or 2 investments of $80


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be sure to use the code ‘cleanplan80’ {w/o the quotes}.

You will be billed in 14 days for the balance.


Satisfaction GuaranteeI am really confident about this offering. I know that if you follow the suggestions and implement the tools you are given, you will feel better and/or have more energy. When you fully engage in the Clean Eating Experience you get results. This is an electronic product and virtual experience, so I am unable to offer refunds.





You’ve read up on clean eating. You’re making changes to your menu. You’ve added green leafy vegetables to your meals.

You’ve been playing around with grains. Your energy level is so high, you feel like you can add an extra mile or two onto your daily run.

You’ve replaced your daily soda(s) with 4 glasses of water. Your skin is glowing…seriously. You’re digestion finally feels normal…you “go” every day(!).

You’re feeling amazing since adopting a clean eating menu. You are on FIRE!

…or not.

What? Is that not you?



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Clean Eating Experience Guide + Resources


Use code “flashholiday14” in the cart to get the $30 price

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Clean Eating Experience + Resources + Support

PLUS Strategy + Implementation Session

$157 or 2 investments of $80


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NOTE: If you are investing in the payment plan,

be sure to use the code ‘cleanplan80’ {w/o the quotes}.

You will be billed in 14 days for the balance.



To your health,

To your health...Takeyah