Earlier in the year at Selling Your Soul, I chatted with Kate Northrup Moller about how she takes living personally and what’s in her inspiration toolbox. She also shared about lesson from her Freedom Tour. Since this interview, she’s wrapped up the tour because this woman knows how to get things started and clearly knows when it’s time to quit.

Check out the interview below and share what’s in  your inspiration toolbox.



Oh…and here’s the Brad Paisley video for ”Letter to Me” that Kate mentioned. Watching the video made me think about what I would share with my 17-yo self. I would share these things: 1) Vegetables aren’t as gross as how people prepare them; 2) Cultivate your creative side and 3) Take living personally!

What would you share with your 17-yo self?


Love & Light, Takeyah

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Interview: Kate Northrup Moller + Being Publicly Inappropriate

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