The Lifestyle Breakthrough is an introduction to the possibilities around your health + human potential.

There are things that you want to get done, right? Lose weight, eat healthier, go back to school, actually use your vacation days and travel more, get some green food into your body, take that art class that you were so passionate about many moons ago, take a breather…wow!

There’s a lot you NEED to get done.
For some reason, you’re not doing it. It’s cool. No judgment from me. What I have to offer is honest, sometimes firm, sometimes gentle, action-oriented support + coaching.
Consider that this conversation the experience that could change your life.
At your Lifestyle Breakthrough Session (LBS), we will:
  • Identify keys areas of concern in your life
  • Discuss and begin establishing your goals
  • Highlight the primary goal + establish corresponding actions for growth
  • See how I work with clients and how I can support you
  • Decide the best coaching option for you
How does it work?

Your 90-minutes of  1-on-1 coaching is designed to improve your life and health, resolve concerns specific to you, and to provide you with tools for a lifetime of clarity and confidence in your body and mind. Your LBS is broken down into two parts. Part 1 is 60 minutes of 1-on-1 coaching where we will identify the keys areas of concern in your life, discuss primary goal + set corresponding actions for growth. Part 2 is 30-minute follow-up coaching to touch base on your actions steps, fine-tune goals, and create a plan for longer term success.

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Who are you?

Hi there! I’m Takeyah. I am a speaker, lifestyle expert, health coach and yogi. I offer access to and strategies for personal sustainability. Each of us have a Lifestyle Equation that equals clarity + confidence in our bodies and minds; my work helps people design that space. You can learn more details here.

What happens after the Lifestyle Breakthrough Session?

Yeah, advice is great. However, I go past advice and coach you to implementation. You’ll walk away from your 1-on-1 session with action steps to take your primary goal. The Lifestyle Breakthrough Session includes a 30-minute follow-up (part 2) that can be scheduled at any available time within 6 weeks of the initial session. At the end of the follow-up (part 2), together we decide what the next steps might be in your coaching experience.  I am about forward movement. So if it serves, you can move forward with a 1-on-1 coaching intensive, a 12-week coaching experience, a group program or a customized experience. You have options.


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