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Get Clean Kit: Educational Guide + Cleanse Handbook

PLUS 6 BONUSES: 10 Ways to Eat Clean (audio), Detox and Cleansing 101 (audio), Benefits of Cleansing (audio), 1-Day Juice Cleanse Recipes, Detox Goal Tracker + Detox Self-Reflection

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Get Clean Guide + Program


The Get Clean Guide is a self-guided educational experience that will provide you support to restore, and then maintain, a state of optimal health and vitality. In the Get Clean Guide you will learn and discover detox through and around such insightful topics like:

.: Detox Basics + Fundamentals: Facts Unearthed + Described

.: Detox Demystified: From the Inside Out, Not Just the Outside In

.: Detox Method + Practice: When, Why & How To’s

.: Detox Bonuses + Extras: Insights, Checklists, Short-lists, Action-plans

.: Useful Detox Resources for Your Use, Convenience, + Reference

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Cleanse Handbook
This Cleanse Handbook leads you through a rejuvenating 7-day opportunity to hit the “refresh” button. It provides guidance while you regain your sense of balance and establish healthy eating patterns for this year and beyond. The cleanse program is designed to be a food-based cleanse that combines a detox menu and juices.

It is self-guided so you and start and stop when ever you want…or do it as many times as you desire!



10 Ways to Eat Clean Training  |  Detox and Cleansing 101

Benefits of Cleansing  |  1-Day Juice Cleanse

Detox Goal Tracker  |  Detox Self-Reflection

ALL for $37

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MOMENTUM Guide will help you out of your rut

MOMENTUM: How To Get Out of Your Rut + Get into Into Action is a playbook designed to help you assess (not judge!) your life right now, select one area of focus + redesign a goal.

:: a simple exercise to help you figure out exactly what’s truly important to you at this time

:: 5 clear strategies to help you take action with your goals

:: create a goal-oriented action plan

:: identify the areas of your life that feel “off”

BONUS #1 :: a painless exercise to re-ignite passion through self reflection.

BONUS #2 :: an audio guide + written transcript on positive self-talk + affirmations

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Clean Eating Experience


The Clean Eating Experience is a clean-eating + food transformation experience designed to help women get a taste of what it’s like to make that shift from struggling to figure out what to eat to getting control of their cravings, keeping their immune system working in their favor, getting their digestion going (faster!), and developing a deeper connection with their body.

During your clean eating experience, you will eat delicious whole nourishing foods that will lighten your load and ease your digestion. No worries, no crazy concoctions or hard-to-swallow pills. This is an introductory experience designed to guide you along the way.

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CCL Programs + Coaching

Work with Takeyah

There are things that you want to get done, right?

Lose weight, eat healthier, go back to school, actually use your vacation days and travel more, get some green food into your body, take that art class that you were so passionate about many moons ago, take a breather…wow!

There’s a lot you NEED to get done. There’s a lot you need to BE.

For some reason, you’re not BEing it. It’s cool. No judgment from me. What I have to offer is honest, sometimes firm, sometimes gentle, action-oriented support + coaching….AND you don’t have to deprive yourSelf to make shifts happen.
I offer a range of programs designed to help you Take Living Personally(TM).


Ready to make a breakthrough? Let’s get started.





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FREE Simplifying Detox e-course


Simplifying Detoxification: Clean, Clear and Cleanse Your Body System is a 5-part e-Course shares the variety of methods there are to detoxify the body, how our bodies come in contact with and absorb toxins, the MANY benefits in detoxifying.

I’ll also share some tips and advice on how to get started where you are right . . . and move forward with a plan that works for your life. Did I mention that it’s yours to have for free?! Nice, huh?






10 Ways to Eat Clean


Thinking about eating clean? Not even sure what clean eating is? Transforming your menu does NOT require that you go so far out of your comfort zone that we are liable to find you spaced out eating rabbit food in a corner somewhere. During “10 Ways to Eat Clean” I discuss:

  • What is this thing called clean eating?
  • 10 Ways to clean up your menu and maintain the yum (have to keep things delicious)!
  • How clean eating can transform your life.

It’s delivered as an *.mp3. I got mine. Go get yours (right here)!




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