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Shelley Chapman of thanks Takeyah for her amazing coaching

Wowzers! The small, simple sustainable shifts that Takeyah suggested in our session were the key to helping me overcome my sugar challenges.  Thanks to her ability to hone in, intuit and assess the core issue, I was able to redesign my Lifestyle Equation™ and put it immediately into practice.  I am so excited about my new discovery and I know that my body and business will reap the benefits.  Thanks Takeyah + Core Connection Lifestyle!

Shelley Chapman, Eat Relate Love, NYC


Sariane Leigh of Anacostia Yogi shares about her sucess with Takeyah Young

I was lucky enough to do a counseling session with Takeyah as I sought help for my tendency to take on too much. We soon discovered that this was directly related to my deep anxiety issues, sugar over-consumption, stress levels and relationships. Her knowledge of yoga helped to create a unified outlook on health. She doesn’t stop at health. She also incorporates her scientific background into her services grounding her advice in both logic and spirit!

– Sariane Leigh, Anacostia Yogi, Washington, DC


Testimonial from Beth Anderson of Holistic Health Spot

I experimented with many of the food suggestions you gave me. The health coaching process itself caused me to think on my own about which way I want to go, what I want to do, and what could help me nutritionally. I believe it helped me take charge of my own future and potential instead of just letting someone else educate me.

I didn’t really have a goal to lose weight, but I have lost 6 pounds since January, and I’m not trying. I’m probably stronger than I have ever been, so I am happy with that!

– Beth Anderson, Holistic Health Spot, Evansville, IN


Praise for Clean Eating ExperienceWell, I not only completed the weekend but have been inspired to continue the project…It’s amazing how easy it turned out to be. Although, it wasn’t the main goal, I actually lost 6 pounds! …turns out I was on the right track, apparently. I just wasn’t disciplined enough to USE everything regularly. Having the support and comments of the others on Facebook was a definite plus.  When you know you are not alone in your struggles it makes a difference …Gee..who knew that I would actually start paying attention to my body’s health at this point? Color me pleasantly surprised.

-Donelle Sucarichi, Tampa, FL


Prior to my introductory session with Core Connection Lifestyle, I’d expected to gain a basic recommendation for enhancing my diet. I figured that the main challenge during the session would be gaining guidance on how to transform my not-so-healthy dietary habits while maintaining my hectic schedule and lifestyle.

It was refreshing to receive a short, preliminary questionnaire from Takeyah that accurately addressed core issues/challenges that busy women face regarding healthy practices. The questions were expertly worded and effectively drew out just the right answers to reflect my unique challenges. Takeyah tailored the session to expand on the areas I highlighted on the questionnaire and quickly identified the key points for improvement.

The most wonderful thing was the warm and encouraging nature of the exchange. It was an integrated approach that allowed me to be an active participant in creating a healthier lifestyle for myself. Since then, I’ve seen marked improvement and increased energy by using the all natural juice recipes Takeyah suggested. Her suggestions were custom-made to meet me where I was in the process. I already had the tools and Core Connection showed me exactly how to use them.

– Shelly Iyabode, Earth Sense Now, Maryland


Nikita T. Mitchell shares about her Lifestyle Breakthrough Session with Takeyah YoungI really enjoyed how patient and thoughtful Takeyah was during our conversation. She really took her time to get to know me, asking questions about aspects of my life related to my physical, emotional and spiritual health. I particularly loved that she was willing to offer me suggestions of lifestyle changes I could make even in our first conversation. I look forward to working with her in the future.

– Nikita Mitchell,, Washington, DC


Thank you for working with me over the past few months to help get my lifestyle back on track. I like that you are a good listener and that you encourage and make suggestions with no judgments. You’re like a compass, guiding but not leading. I feel much more in control of my eating, having de-cluttered my diet, I find that action of getting rid of things that do not serve me is spilling over into other ares of my life: releasing junk from my closets and basements and from my relationships.

– C. W. Producer, Washington, DC



Your interactive presentation touched on so many areas that really matter to our program participants. I trust it was clear from the level of interaction that your tips for workplace health, nutrition, and achieving life balance were well appreciated. I especially thank you for incorporating the experiential “Creating A Balanced Life” activity and yoga stretches into the session. We all walked away with tools to support our continued well-being and life goals.

– Malkia Lydia, Public Allies DC, Program Manager



I had not taken yoga or participated in any body movement for quite some time … I found your teaching style to be gentle, informative and accommodating for all levels and the selection of music was characteristic of your funky style.

– Candace Mickens, Ubuntu Village Inc., Washington, DC


In your class, I feel like you keep it at a level where beginners are comfortable trying poses that are new to them but don’t feel like they’re “not doing it right” if their particular expression doesn’t look like someone who’s been practicing longer. You take the time to explain and demonstrate poses and use both the Sanskrit and the English names so that people can learn both. The atmosphere of the class welcoming and the pace is easy to keep up with after a long day at work.

– Lois Person, Washington, DC



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