The magic pill is not going to get you the results you want. You'll lose weight for a little while, but you won't feel it.

When it comes to healthy living and more specifically weight loss, many women look for a magic pill. The thing that is going to flip the switch and make things like new eating habits, positive self-image, or a new body magically appear. And well, since we’re talking about weight…magically disappear.

I view the magic pill as something that will immediately get you the results you desire without having to do any work or invest any time. I’ve seen it in the form of weight loss pills, extreme diets, crazy concoctions, toxic chemicals, poorly executed (and sometimes unnecessary) surgeries, etc. I am sure you can probably name some of the magic pills you have seen or experienced.

Along with most women, you have some idea of what you could be doing to lose weight. However, you consistently decide to NOT do it. Instead, have you spent your time on R&D (research and development)? My STEM-girl side loves that. It helps to uncover and create new knowledge. It’s also much easier to Google the new weight loss trend than to get up and cook something healthy.

However, no new knowledge gets uncovered. The research side often ends up being more information on magic pills, fancy potions, and expensive devices to help get rid of this thing that has taken a lot longer than 2.5 seconds to show up in your life and on your body.

It’s taken you some time (probably longer than you think…or admit) to get to where you are now. So, the weight will not just drop off. Trust me.

The part that could use some more attention is the “development” part of R&D. See the thing about the magic pill is that it doesn’t require any work or awareness, so you can still keep the same habits, do the same thing, and eat unintentionally without having to deal with the consequences of it (…or so you think). You end unplugging from “you”.

You don’t want that. When your weight, body, and life gets to the place where you want it. You want to be able to feel it. You want to feel what your thighs feel like in those jeans. You want to feel what the sun feels like on that part of your body that you’ve hidden away for years. You want to feel what it feels like to realize that the joy you observe in others is a reflection of your own joy.

The magic pill will not give you that.

Being + doing different will.

My invitation: Clean Eating Experience.

Clean eating experience to give you a taste of what healthier eating can feel + taste likeThis is your chance to see what being + doing different can feel like. The 3-day Clean Eating Experience is about food transformation. It’s designed to help you taste what it’s like to make a shift from struggling to…

  • figure out what to eat
  • get control of your cravings
  • keep your immune system working in your favor
  • get your digestion going (faster!)
  • develop a deeper connection with their body

Join me for a LIVE! experience or sign-up and do it at a time that matches your schedule. It’s virtual, you can do it from the comfort of your home, air balloon, or private jet. More deets >>
To your health,

Love & Light, Takeyah


Takeyah A. Young, Speaker, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor, specializes in helping the woman who wants to tap into her healthiest self and create a sense of equilibrium and attention toward a body that looks and feels genuinely well. Is that you? Let’s chat!


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The Magic Weight Loss Pill: Unexpected Results. Being + Doing Different. (Part 1)

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